In any catering industry, cream cheese is a firm staple in the fridge. It can be used for lots of different things and contribute to many tasty recipes; from a simple sandwich spread right through to a delicious cheesecake.

However, once you’ve peeled back the foil of your cream cheese, you may find that you struggle to use up the whole tub before it goes off. The soft, creamy texture that we all know and love can quickly turn, making it unusable and leading to waste.

While many people choose to simply smear the remaining cream cheese on sandwiches and bagels, we thought we’d share some other delicious ways to use it up. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your leftover cream cheese that will delight your customers’ taste buds and ensure you don’t waste any food (or money!). Read on for some ideas!

Make a delicious dip

Dips are a great way to make use of your leftover cream cheese and are the perfect way to add a little bit of flavour and fun to any meal. Plus, they’re super easy to make. Simply mix your leftover cream cheese with an equal amount of sour cream, Greek yoghurt or mayonnaise – you can even do a combination if you choose. Alternatively, you can thin the cream cheese with a little bit of milk.

From here, you have the freedom to mix whatever you like into the dip. Fresh herbs are a simple yet tasty option and are always a safe bet. Some of our favourite dip ingredients include chopped roasted peppers, caramelized onions, grated radishes and olives.

There are plenty of things you can serve with dips, including tortilla chips, bread sticks, raw vegetables cut into sticks (we love a carrot stick with a dip!), crackers, slices of apple and more.

Create a silky cake frosting

One of the most delicious ways to use up your leftover cream cheese is to make a cake frosting. You truly can’t beat a soft, silky, melt-in-your-mouth frosting on top of a tasty cake – and this is sure to get your customers’ taste buds tingling. Using cream cheese to make a cake frosting is extremely easy; all you need is some butter and icing sugar.

Simply beat the butter with the sugar until smooth, and then add your cream cheese. It really is that simple! The spread can be kept in the fridge for up to five days, however, you need to bring it to room temperature before serving or eating.

You can use this frosting to decorate a range of different cupcakes and cakes. Our favourite recipes include carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting (this makes the perfect addition to any afternoon tea) and apricot and cinnamon cake. Serve with a cup of tea or a glass of fizz!

Add it to pasta for a creamy sauce

Your leftover cream cheese can also be used to make a tasty creamy pasta sauce – perfect if you want to whip up a quick dish or make a huge bulk pot of pasta. Cream cheese can be melted into a silky smooth sauce and stirred through hot pasta for a tasty cheesy treat. This tastes particularly delicious when teamed with bacon or ham, like a carbonara. Alternatively, try a couple of our favourite options:

  • Creamy mushroom pasta
  • Creamy salmon pasta
  • Creamy roasted red pepper pasta

Cream cheese can also be used to smooth out a tomato sauce and give it more body, resulting in a richer, creamier sauce. For some true comfort food, why not make baked cream cheese spaghetti?

Make a bunch of different sauces

With the above in mind, cream cheese can actually be used to make a whole bunch of different sauces. Before you throw away your tub of cream cheese, check out our inventive ways of using your cream cheese to make a range of delicious sauces:

  • Cream cheese can be used in place of creme fraiche or cream, and therefore it’s the perfect addition to a casserole. From simple cheesy potato casseroles to creamy chicken and loaded cauliflower, there are plenty of different recipes to explore.
  • If you fancy getting creative with your leftover cream cheese, why not use it to cook up a creamy baked garlic Kiev? The cream cheese can be used instead of garlic butter in a chicken Kiev for an extra delicious and creamy result.
  • Using cream cheese instead of eggs can save you some time in the kitchen too! Skip the hassle of whisking egg yolks and use your leftover cream cheese to make a homemade hollandaise sauce – ideal for those busy breakfast periods in the kitchen. All you have to do is melt your cream cheese over a low heat, then add mustard, lemon and herbs.

Add it to your mash

Do you want to make your mash that little bit more delicious? Cream cheese mashed potatoes are rich, delicious and offer that little extra something that plain mash simply doesn’t. If you’re looking to create a creamy mash that takes your bangers and mash to the next level, cream cheese in the answer. Plus, you can make a huge batch of it. Even just adding a small amount of cream cheese to your mash will transform it.

To make your cream cheese mashed potatoes even tastier, we recommend adding plenty of garlic, salt and pepper too. Adding some whole milk will also keep the potatoes rich and tasty.

Use it to stuff meatballs

Another tasty, indulgent dish with a twist; why not use your leftover cream cheese to stuff your meatballs, giving customers a tasty, creamy surprise? Meatballs stuffed with cheddar cheese are a popular treat enjoyed by many and stuffing your meatballs with cream cheese can be equally tasty too.

For the ultimate tasty treat, stuff your meatballs with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and jalapeno. One bite will give you all of the creaminess and cheesiness you need – plus a little kick from the jalapeno! These one bite wonders will become a favourite on your menu, offering just the right amount of spice. Why not serve up these delicious meatballs with one of the dips you made using cream cheese too?

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