It goes without saying that us Brits, love bread and for good reason – it’s delicious. Bread is bought by 99.8% of British households, and the equivalent of nearly 11 million loaves are sold every single day. Approximately 60 -70% of the bread we consume is white and sandwiches are thought to account for half of overall bread consumption. In addition to this, the average Brit purchases are the equivalent of 60.3 loaves per person annually!

In the case of this blog, we are discussing bread, not just any kind of bread, but wholesale bread. Also known as wholesale distribution, the sale of goods to people other than the day-to-day consumer who pops to the shop for their weekly loaf. The products are sold on the premise that they are to be used for business purposes, therefore, those who buy wholesale are frequently retailers, industry workers or those who work in professional business. In the case of wholesale bread, this is often based in the hospitality sector.

If you’re seeking wholesale bread suppliers, it’s important that you consider the specific reasons why a bread wholesaler is (or is not) successful. Here are some things you should consider when searching for a quality bread wholesaler.

What makes a quality bread?


The thing that makes a flavorful loaf of bread is time and patience. If the bakery you’re using does not seem to have the patience to bake its bread well and with a good amount of care, you probably aren’t going to get the flavour you’re aiming for.

The fermentation process that high-quality bakeries implement uses cool liquids to support with flavour development. Be sure the bakery in question not only uses a slow baking process but that they also are using a lesser amount of yeast to enable the dough to rise, subsequently allowing more time for flavours to cogitate.


Quality wholesalers realise that larger holes lead to a delicious texture for loaves of bread. People don’t want tough, brittle bread, which is why bread that is shaped with big holes is a much more preferable option. These large holes create a lot more room for the bread to breathe and lead to a much softer feel. When the bread is soft, it isn’t just more enjoyable, but it will also soak up any delicious soup or sauce they are being paired with.

Quality and established bakers or brands

Quality employees are crucial to the creation of quality bread. Artisan bakers give plenty of attention to every loaf of bread being created. They put a tremendous amount of focus and care on everything from each small ingredient to large supplies of bread. Make sure that the employees inside the bakery you’re using or the supplier are experienced and knowledgeable about the whole bread baking process and the bread that is being sold.

What are the main factors you should be considering?

A quality experience

The first thing to consider when buying bread wholesale is, without doubt, the quality. You need to know that you’re providing customers with the best possible product, the last thing you want is your menu or business being negatively impacted by lower quality bread.

You can look for quality in a few places. The first is obvious and that is the flavour of the bread, of course. If you find a wholesale bakery with low prices but the bread tastes dull or not very nice, it’s not worth the money.

Ingredients are crucial in regards to bread. Baked goods such as bread are dependant on chemical reactions to create the perfect texture, high-quality ingredients are essential for ensuring the product turns out well. Ask your wholesaler about the ingredients of the bread if you wish to know further.

Another element that impacts the quality is the freshness of the bread. The bread should be fresh, particularly if you’re buying wholesale and in bulk, this is due to the fact that it may not be served straight away. A bakery that tries to sell you stale bread is not the right one for your business.

If you own a restaurant, food shop, or another food establishment, you may buy your bread from a wholesale bakery or distributor. Bread is a common staple in a wide variety of foods and diets, and the quality of your bread can really influence your overall meal.

If you purchase your bread from a wholesale bakery or are in the market for a bread wholesaler, you should know what to look out for prior to you committing. In the following section we have outlined a few pointers:

 What bread products do you need?

What are the bread-based products that you require for your business? Some bread wholesalers may not actually supply what you are seeking, or they may not have the variety of products you require. The best thing to do is request their entire listing of bread products that they have available in their stock.

You’ll need one of these for your establishment so look for suppliers that can readily supply you with the whole list so that you are able to ascertain what products you require and the quantity. Having to have to go to one supplier for sandwich buns and then a different one for table rolls is not effective nor is it efficient.

What are the costs involved?

Balancing cost and quality can be hard. Businesses of any kind have a budget to stick to, but you don’t need to sacrifice quality for the price. Buying wholesale rather than retail will bring down on markup costs, but the price is still an important factor to consider.

Look into how much you can afford to fork out and do a comparison on prices from a couple of wholesale suppliers. Good bread may cost slightly more, but it may be worth it if the bread seriously impacts your restaurant’s meals.

Service is important

Customer service is an important factor for any business. You should work with a wholesaler who is available to answer questions and is efficient when placing orders. The ordering and delivery process needs to be transparent. Late or incorrect deliveries can damage your restaurant if you can no longer offer certain menu items.

Another part of the service to consider is their delivery process. Enquire how they deliver their bread and at what fee. If they only deliver on specific days, it may not be the right for you. You should also consider the time between ordering and deliveries. Since the bread has to be fresh and is a perishable item, it’s crucial to consider how far in advance orders must be ordered.

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