How To Open Your Home Online Bakery

In this modern world, it’s now easier than ever to open an online business straight from your home. Whether you’re a baker with a flair for creativity, or have a business-savvy mind and want to capitalise on the industry, you need to know how to get your online bakery up and running. Like all businesses, it’s not a straightforward process that will happen overnight.

So here are some tips on how to open your own online bakery.

Decide Products

One of the first things you should do is decide what products you’re going to be selling. Are you going to have a specialism such as cookies or doughnuts, or will you be a more general bakery for all kinds of goods? Remember that more products will mean more varied ingredients to buy, but the payoff could be greater than specialising in a certain product.


Branding is very important in today’s market. People will simply not buy from places that they don’t think look good or at least look professional. You should start on your branding early, creating a website, social media etc. that is kitted out with a logo, plenty of images and an accessible design.

Sort Suppliers

While plenty of what you’re using will be available in supermarkets, you’ll probably be buying in volumes that will be easier and cheaper through a wholesale food supplier. This way you can get the quantities you need at a cheaper price without the hassle of continually popping to the shop for new ingredients.

Get Baking!

The most important part of the whole thing is to get baking. Perfect what you’re good at and look for ways to improve your weak points. Experiment with techniques and flavours to create unique bakes. Many bakeries focus on having a Unique Selling Point (USP). These products usually come about as a result of experimentation, so make sure you’re always trying to create something new and also improve what you already have.

Wholesale Food From Freshways

If you’re a small business owner who is on the lookout for wholesale supplies for your bakery, get in touch with Freshways today. We have been providing independent retailers and cafes with dairy products and everyday brands since 1990 from a family-run business that delivers quality products and excellent customer service.

We stock a wide selection of products that every baker needs, such as milk, cream, eggs, yoghurt and butter. Buying from supermarkets can work, but shopping wholesale for the large amounts of stock you need will save you time and money in the long run.

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