Whether you’re having lunch or coming to the end of a lovely family meal in a restaurant, there’s always time for plenty of cheese. Cheese-lovers will always be enticed by a cheese board when eating out, but how can you replicate the best cheese boards at home?

The Equipment

First of all, you’ll need to get all of the right tools for a perfect board. You can find reasonably priced kits which come with knives and a board or you can source your own cheese board and knives separately. Going for the latter means that you might be able to get better quality products but you will spend a bit more.

What Cheeses to Choose?

When constructing your cheese board – once you’ve got all of the tools you need – you should choose a wide variety of cheeses for different textures, styles and tastes. You’ll want at least four types of cheese from different families. For example, you might want two types of firm cheese, a type of soft cheese and a type of semi-soft cheese. So, this could be made up of Cheddar, Gruyère, Brie and Emmental. If you like strong cheese, add some Stilton or Gorgonzola for an extra kick.

Have a Selection of Chutneys

Chutneys are a must-have for your cheese board, as the sweetness of these condiments will pair perfectly with the earthy creaminess of the different cheeses. There are a whole range of options here; you could go for onion, plum, peach or fig chutneys. Branston pickle is also a classic and works excellently with cheddar.

Fruit, Meat and Crackers

Dried fruits, like dried apricots or dried figs, work so well with a huge range of cheeses. Olives and grapes are also essential. You should also consider some slices of cured meats like salami, Prosciutto di Parma as well as crackers or thin slices of bread.


Wine and cheese are the perfect bedfellows, one doesn’t quite feel right without the other. If you’re eating very strong blue cheese, pair it with some port; with gruyere, you could go with chardonnay and with a brie consider pinot noir.

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