In recent years, going out for brunch has become a hugely popular social event. Going out for brunch means you don’t have to leave the house too early, but it also means you can eat your favourite breakfast dishes until the early afternoon, making it the perfect treat for a lazy weekend.

If your cafe or eatery hasn’t yet got involved with the brunch craze, there’s no better time than now! Below, we’ve listed our top tips for creating the perfect brunch menu.

Add a mix of savoury and sweet

For some people, there’s no better way to start the day than with a big stack of fluffy pancakes. For others, Sunday mornings wouldn’t be quite complete without a full English breakfast. To make sure your customers have plenty to choose from, add a mixture of savoury and sweet dishes to your menu.

Cater to different dietary requirements

Tap into as many different target markets as you can by catering a selection of dietary requirements. Make sure you have options for vegans and vegetarians, in addition to options for coeliacs, and make sure everything is clearly labelled on your menu.

Cook with the freshest ingredients

To really impress your customers, make sure your brunch options are cooked with the freshest ingredients possible. This includes the freshest eggs, cheese and milk, in addition to perfectly ripe fruit and vegetables and softly baked bread. Find a wholesale supplier that can deliver these goods straight to your cafe to make sure your menu is always top-quality.

Offer a selection of fruity cocktails

Breakfast cocktails have become a popular alternative to tea and coffee in recent years, so why not get on board by offering your customers a drinks menu? You could use fresh fruit juice to create a selection of delicious cocktails or mocktails served alongside your signature dishes.

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