You certainly would be a mad hatter if you don’t host an afternoon tea party this summer. The rose-hued summer evenings are the perfect accompaniment to Pimms, tea, prosecco and plenty of cake. Though we tend to go for the classic cake combinations of madeira, victoria sponge, lemon drizzle, chocolate and coffee cake, there are a range of other, more unusual bakes, that will instantly make you star baker amongst your friends or colleagues. Sink your teeth into the cakes below, as we have collated a range of recipe ideas.

Mojito Cake

A grown-up twist on the classic zesty lemon drizzle, lime, mint and rum combine to turn this cuban cocktail into a delectable bake. Start with a standard white cake base of eggs, sugar, flour and milk, then add plenty of lime zest and lime juice to add a tangy touch. Create the icing with a dash of rum, plenty of sugar, mint, and lime juice.

Cherry, Almond and Marzipan Cake

Referencing the classic cherry bakewell, this cake can be easily turned into a gluten-free masterpiece. Glacé and simple cherries are folded into a mixture of ground almonds, flour, eggs and sugar. Then, add a wedge of marzipan in between the cake layers for an oozy sweet centre.

White Chocolate Pink Velvet Cupcakes

Forget red velvet, pink velvet cupcakes will add the perfect dose of sweetness to your tea party. Simply swap the red food colouring for gel pink colouring – ideal for a bright finish.  Create a cream cheese and white chocolate icing and add a strawberry or raspberry on top for an elegant finish.

Passionfruit and Prosecco Cake

Another twist on a classic, a passionfruit and prosecco cake is an alternative to Victoria Sponge. With an oozy marshmallow and passion fruit curd filling, this cake is ripe for any kind of celebration. Decorate with raspberries and prosecco buttercream for an indulgent finish.

Pistachio Olive Oil Cake

If you don’t want to add flour or butter to your cake, then a pistachio olive oil cake is a great option. With fresh orange zest, this dense sticky cake will transport you to Italian cobbled streets and elegant cafes – as we recommend having it with a delicious espresso brew. Simply decorate with a light cream cheese icing, a squeeze of orange juice and pomegranate seeds.

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