According to research, the UK spends around 1.7 billion a year on yoghurt. Moreover, there seems to be an endless variety of the types of yoghurt on the market ranging from flavoured, to natural, to Greek- it’s clear that we can’t get enough of the stuff. With this in mind, we’ve accumulated a couple of ways that you can make your yoghurt a little more exciting. With all of us becoming a little more health conscious these days, we’ve provided some healthy and super easy recipe ideas you can try at home with little effort, cost, or time.

Adding frozen fruit

Fresh fruit is obviously a brilliant option to add to your yoghurt, but frozen fruit can really add something a little different to it. In the supermarket, you can buy loads of different flavour combinations from mixed summer berry, to tropical mango and pineapple that can give you the added convenience of zero prep time as you just simply add them to the bowl. Frozen fruit also adds a delicious added texture. Why not  try drizzling with honey and adding a sprinkle of nuts to make a tasty breakfast or after dinner sweet treat.

Make a mousse

This is a perfect alternative to regular yoghurt, and particularly perfect for chocolate lovers. All you need to do is whisk up a thick creamy yoghurt such as Greek yoghurt which works particularly well. Then add a little cocoa powder with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. Alternatively, you could add lemon juice and zest or raspberries to make a delicious and fruity pudding or just a tasty treat for yourself. You can also make a delicious savoury dip by whisking up chilli and garlic into the Greek yoghurt to make a tasty dip for  crudites or crackers.

A healthy milkshake

You can make yourself a delicious yoghurt drink inspired by the Indian delicacy Lassi. All this needs is two simple ingredients, mango and yoghurt and then blend the two together. This makes for a really refreshing summer drink. To add a little extra flavour, sprinkle in some cardamom and a drizzle of honey to taste for extra sweetness.

Fruity ice lollies

Buying your own lollies in the summer can be a little bit costly, and they can be full of sugar, but you can easily whip up your own batch at home in no time at all. Take some frozen fruit and yoghurt, blend, add additional sweetness like vanilla extract or citrus fruit, then pop them into some ice moulds and stick them in the freezer, et voila! A tasty summer snack.

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