Studies seem to suggest that UK shoppers are turning to healthy food more often. In 2017, a report found that 72% of UK shoppers buy healthy food. Yoghurt products – such as Muller Vitality – certainly fit this bill of healthy food. Yoghurt has been eaten by us for centuries and provides many of the essential nutrients that require to be healthy and happy. 250 grams of yoghurt can contain as much as half of the calcium you need in your diet per day. The same amount is also high in vital B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Moreover, yoghurt is very high in protein per portion, which can improve muscle growth as well as help to manage weight loss. Protein helps to keep you full for longer, so you will be less inclined to snack and graze after breakfast. So, whether you choose Muller Vitality or another type of yoghurt, there are many health benefits to enjoy. To give you a helping hand in finding the best yoghurt for you, we’ve created a guide on the healthiest yoghurts on the market.

From Muller Vitality To Natural Yoghurt: Which Is The Best?

Muller Vitality

Muller Vitality is a range of products by Muller. The ‘Healthy Balance’ range by Muller Vitality is a particularly healthy version of the yoghurt and is widely available in retailers at an affordable price. Each 100g serving of this yoghurt contains just 85 calories and just 1.6 grams of fat! Muller Vitality Healthy Balance is made with British milk and all ingredients are sourced naturally, making it one of the best commercially available yoghurt products on the market.

Unstrained Yoghurt

Unstrained yoghurt is yoghurt in its purest form. Yoghurt is produced by adding ‘cultures’ to milk which produce lactic acid and create a sour flavour. This process thickens the milk to create yoghurt. Many types of yoghurt are then strained to create a thicker end product, however, there are a range of raw and unstrained yoghurts available too.

These yoghurts are often thinner than other traditional types of yoghurt and so are popular with children who are picky about consistency. Unstrained yoghurts also often have fewer additives than other sweetened types of yoghurt which ensures they have no unnecessary sugars.

Greek Yoghurt

One of the most popular styles of yoghurt over the past few years has, undoubtedly, been Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt has become synonymous with healthy eating and dieting as it contains more protein than most other types.

This type of yoghurt is made in a similar way to other yoghurts by culturing milk, however, it goes through another process of straining. Whey and other liquids are taken from Greek yoghurt which makes it much richer in flavour and thicker. As more milk is required for the final product, Greek yoghurt has far more protein than unstrained yoghurt which makes it more healthy. This makes Greek yoghurt an excellent workout recovery food as well as a way to keep you full for the day and, therefore, eat less and lose weight. Low-fat Greek yoghurt also has fewer carbs than regular low-fat yoghurt.

Icelandic Yoghurt

One of the main competitors of Greek yoghurt is the growth in popularity of Icelandic yoghurt. Also known as Skyr, this type of yoghurt is even thicker and even richer in protein. Skyr has been eaten in Iceland for more than a millennia, and the Vikings brought the production practices with them to mainland Europe on their raids during the Middle Ages.

Icelandic yoghurt is made exclusively from skim milk, which makes it a low-fat product, which is then warmed and cultured with bacteria. The thickened product is then strained. Much like Greek yoghurt, Skyr is high in protein, low in carbs and fat and high in protein.

Goat and Sheep Yoghurts

Goat and Sheep milk yoghurts are two of the main dairy yoghurt alternatives. The main health benefits of these types of yoghurts are that they are far less rich in lactose which makes them easier to digest. Sheep milk yoghurt also provides much more energy than cow’s milk as well as more calcium!

Goat’s milk is similar in that it is easier to digest, it’s meant to be good for the skin, is high in calcium and is good for your cholesterol too!

What To Look For When Choosing Yoghurt


One of the first things to keep in mind when choosing yoghurt for health is its nutritional value. When choosing a healthy yoghurt, look for high levels of protein, vitamin D and calcium. If you’re weight watching, take note of the number of carbs in the yoghurt in comparison to the amount of protein.


It’s no secret that sugar isn’t particularly good for us. Although we do need sugar in our diets, you should always steer clear of added sugars. You’ll want to choose a yoghurt which has the least amount of sugar and carbs per serving. If you don’t like the taste of unsweetened yoghurt, then adding fruit for extra sweetness is always a better option than going for a pre-sweetened product.

Fat Content

Fat content can be deceiving if you’re trying to be healthy. Many people think that low-fat options are always more healthy, however, some low-fat products come with higher levels of sugar. If you are going to choose a low-fat yoghurt to be more healthy, also check the sugar content and ensure that there is little added sugar. Sometimes, full-fat options can be the more healthy one – believe it or not. These products will contain more calories, however, natural fats can be healthy. Natural fats can even help to reduce weight and improve blood sugar control.


As already mentioned, yoghurts are made from cultured milk. Looking out for ‘live’ cultures in your yoghurt can have wide-ranging health benefits. For example, probiotic yoghurts – made with live cultures – can help to improve the immune system, improve lactose intolerance and curtail the symptoms of IBS. Choosing yoghurt with the most probiotics will give you the best benefits.

Is it Organic?

Finally, it’s always a good idea to shop for organic products. By purchasing organic yoghurts, you can ensure that the milk used to create the yoghurt has not been tainted by any GMOs or other chemical additives. Cows which feed on organic materials often have better fatty acids as well as more vitamin £ and other beneficial nutrients.

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