Eggs are one of nature’s most perfect breakfast foods and if you own a restaurant or cafe, you should certain have them high on your menu. They’re not only wonderful for breakfast, but for any meal and even a snack. Here are a few other reasons you should make them a big part of your offerings.

1. People Love Them

The biggest reason to add eggs to a variety of menu spots is simply that people enjoy them. If you serve great eggs, you can guarantee you’ll have customers ordering them constantly. Even better, make your breakfast dishes available for the whole day and watch how many customers order breakfast for lunch or dinner.

2. They’re Versatile

Another good reason to keep plenty of eggs on hand is the fact that they can be turned into anything. Just on its own, an egg can be hard or soft boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, or baked. Turn it into an omelette with few choice ingredients, or add it to bread with bacon and tomato for a breakfast sandwich. You can create a whole menu around just one ingredient.

3. They’re High in Protein

Anyone who wants to start their day off with a high protein breakfast will order up some eggs. Over half an egg’s protein is in the egg white, while the yolk is rich in fats, so if you offer egg white only meals, people will take you up on them. An egg white omelette is a good, low-fat breakfast that’s rich in vitamins and protein. However, if they want the whole egg, they’ll get plenty of extra minerals on top.

4. They Offer a Greater Profit

Eggs are quite inexpensive, but add a piece of toast and some salsa or beans and you have a breakfast that people will pay for. With a nice high profit margin, breakfasts are a good way to increase your restaurant’s income. Eggs are a very good investment for any commercial kitchen, particularly since they can be purchased in bulk for less.

5. They Cook Up Quickly

Eggs can be cooked up in minutes, something that is very beneficial to any food service provider. If someone orders eggs and toast, you can have their order up in just a couple of minutes. The faster you can turn out orders, the higher customer satisfaction and the more money you make.

Eggs are not only good for your body, they’re good for your bottom line. If you want to boost your business, just add eggs to the menu. At Freshways, we offer bulk eggs that are fresh and ready for you to cook up. Contact us today.