Five Delicious Dessert Recipes Containing Bread

An ideal food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, bread was central to the formation of early human societies, and has long been present within a balanced and healthy diet. Whether you toast it, make a sandwich or get creative with a bread-based dessert, there are countless health benefits to adding this staple food into your diet. Different bread products contain varying amounts of fibre, but you can generally find at least 1 gram per serving. And this is an essential nutrient to eat every day. When your body functions to break down foods containing fibre, you feel fuller for longer – and this could stop you from eating too much throughout the day. As a trusted bread supplier, at Freshways we stock the nation’s favourite brands including Kingsmill, Hovis and Roberts.

Ever considered making a french toast-style dessert with leftover bread? What about creating a tasty sweet treat containing nutella instead of spreading it over your slice of toast? Read on to discover five delicious dessert recipes which contain bread.

Recipe One (Bread Pudding)

The origins of bread pudding are far from glamorous, with historians tracing it back to 13th Century England. Kitchens at this time often had a deep bowl which they called a pudding basin. This bowl was used to collect scraps of stale bread, which would be soaked in water, squeezed dry and then mixed with a variety of sugars and spices for flavour.

Popular in many countries around the world. Bread pudding is a classic dessert which has been adapted within the cuisines of many cultures. Within the traditional 18th-century English recipe, the obvious main ingredient is the bread itself, with a white loaf most frequently used. Bread puddings may use dried fruit, nuts, sugar, syrup and honey to create the sweet taste, with spices such as vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon added for additional flavour. Traditionally the bread is soaked in the liquids, mixed with the spices, and then baked. Of the regional variations available, here are some of the most interesting:

  • A version served with marmalade, most common in Cuba.
  • Dessert lovers within the US state of Louisiana are known to top the dessert with whiskey sauce, rum sauce, or caramel sauce.
  • There are many variations of bread pudding on the island of Puerto Rico. Of the most popular, one version involves topping the pudding with both cream cheese and lime zest.
  • In Malaysia, custard sauce is served with bread pudding frequently.

Recipe Two (Nutella Bread)

Though you may be used to spreading your nutella onto a slice of toasted bread, this tasty dessert flips the two ingredients for a mouth watering alternative. With the nutella spread braided into the loaf, this recipe can be made with just a few ingredients, making it cost-effective as well as scrumptious. The recipe is also fairly simple, so amateur bakers should have no trouble creating this scrummy treat. The recipe starts with a pretty standard bread dough, and once this has been prepared, you should be ready to add a good helping of chocolate spread, which is then rolled up inside.

Recipe Three (French Toast Crunch)

Traditionally, french toast is a dish made of sliced bread, which is then soaked in beaten eggs and milk, then pan fried to create the tasty crunchy exterior. Though it is just as often served as a savoury dish accompanied by salt, pepper and an assortment of dipping sauces, we’re focusing on the sweet alternative. When served as a sweet treat, french toast is accompanied by one of milk, sugar, vanilla or assorted spices.

Similarly to bread pudding, there are a number of international variations which are worth your time:

  • In Hong-Kong, french toast is often prepared by combining bread with peanut butter or a jam filling, then dipping it in beaten egg and deep frying it. It is then served with butter and topped with golden syrup or honey to add to the combination of flavours.
  • In Norway, french toast is known as “arme riddere” and it is often eaten for brunch or breakfast. Cardamom is the spice of choice to serve it with.
  • A common topping for the french toast variety served in New Orleans is cane syrup, and this version also regularly features spirits within the recipe.

Recipe Four (Cinnamon Bread)

Similarly to nutella bread, a home baked cinnamon loaf is perfect for breakfast or as a midday snack. This bread can be made in such a way that it ends up with an aesthetically pleasing marbled effect – perfect if you’re looking to show off your latest creations at a get-together or family party. Although this is most often a Christmas favourite, cinnamon bread can suit almost any occasion. Once prepared, the cinnamon bread is perfect with all sorts of nuts and spices – you may even want to mix up the recipe ingredients before putting this bread in the oven to find that perfect combination.

Recipe Five (Caramel Nut Pull-Apart Bread)

Ideal for sharing, or keeping all to yourself if you’re feeling indulgent, caramel nut bread is as moreish as it gets. Covered in a delicious sweet sauce, this recipe is surprisingly simple to make, and you can choose to either make one large loaf, or individual roll clusters. Not the healthiest option on the list, this tempting treat contains a hefty amount of butter, cream and sugar, but everyone deserves a treat now and again. Topped with a drizzly cinnamon-infused sauce and finished off with a selection of nuts, this recipe is sure to be a hit with dessert lovers everywhere.

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