Here at Freshways, we love everything about cheese; particularly eating it! We’re not alone, either. We Britons adore cheese, so much so that a huge number of cheese-focused experiences are starting to pop up all over the nation. Here we detail a few ones to keep an eye out for.

Cheese and Wine Tasting

Who doesn’t love cheese and wine!? This timeless combination has been paired together for centuries and hasn’t lost any of its attraction. There are a number of vineyards around the nation which now offer cheese and wine tasting experiences where you can try the very best pairings in a lovely setting and find out more about the different cheeses and wines on offer.

Cheese Making

As well as tasting, you could also treat yourself to an excellent cheese making course which shows you how to make some of your own cheeses at home. You’ll be able to make soft cheeses including Mozzarella, Ricotta, Paneer and flavoured soft cheeses which you can replicate at home when you have guests.

Cheese Festivals

We love cheese so much that, all across Britain, cheese festivals are starting to pop up where you can discover all the best new cheese products on the market and gorge yourself.

Cheese Rolling

Every year in a sleepy town in Gloucestershire, a cheese-related tradition takes place that has become world-famous. Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake may have originally been a pagan ritual and involves a four kilogram round of Double Gloucester cheese which competitors race down a very steep hill after. The first person to the bottom wins the round at the end, but the competition often features most of the competitors falling flat on their face.

Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge is a beautiful part of England, with ample space for long walks and scenic cycles. It’s also the home of cheddar cheese! The Cheddar Cheese Company located in Cheddar invites guests to witness the cheese-making process where you can see one of our most famous produces being made in front of your eyes.

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