Bored of Plain Toast? Here are Four Delicious Ways to Spice up Your Bread

A piece of buttered toast and a cup of tea is sometimes all you need to hit the spot, but if you’re getting a little bored and want to spice things up, toast doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you have a sweet tooth or fancy something savoury, with the right toppings you can spruce up any piece of toast.

Try one of these four recipes at breakfast, lunch or for a tasty snack.

French toast

In France, French toast is known as ‘pain perdu’ meaning ‘lost bread’. This is because French was once made from stale bread to avoid anything going to waste. Today, the recipe has been reinvented with toppings to suit every palette. To make this delicious treat, thicker bread usually works best to make the toast extra fluffy. Simply beat together eggs and milk before coating both sides of the bread and toasting in a frying pan. You can top with anything you like such as powdered sugar, fruit, syrup, honey and cinnamon.

Protein toast

If you want to introduce more protein into your diet, a protein-packed breakfast or lunch will help you meet your goals. Peanut butter and banana, avocado and eggs, sardines or cottage cheese and blueberries are easy toppings that will give you a protein boost post-workout or as a midday meal.


Instead of making a sandwich, upgrade it a little and go for a toastie. There are plenty of ways to spice up your toast in a savoury way as well as with something sweet. For savoury lovers, how about trying avocado, cheese and chicken? Alternatively, you can put pretty much anything in your toasty then simply pop it into your grill or in a toaster-friendly bag to lightly toast your sandwich.

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