5 Natural High-Protein Foods For Effective Weight Loss

2022 has seen many of us turn to exercise. With gym attendances increasing in the opening months of the year and dietary crazes as popular as ever, one proven way to lose weight is by upping the protein you consume. By replacing carbohydrates and harmful fats with foods containing protein, you can reduce the hunger hormone ghrelin within your body, leading to a reduction in appetite. This property within protein-rich foods is the reason protein can help you lose weight. Foods containing a sizable amount of protein need not be manufactured either, with many everyday natural foods available from Freshways containing it as standard, including wholesale milk and bulk cheese..

Continue reading to discover 5 natural foods which are high in protein and effective for weight loss.


It remains a well known fact that eggs contain a large amount of protein, with omelettes and dishes which use eggs a popular choice for those looking to gain muscle or lose weight. One egg can contain up to 6 grams of protein, making it a sensible option to fit into a dietary meal plan. The range of recipes which require eggs make them a staple in many diets, and you can trust Freshways as your local egg suppliers.


Dairy is an excellent source of protein, and also contains plenty of calcium to keep bones and teeth strong. Milk can be used in a variety of recipes including smoothies, soups and pancakes, fantastic if you have a sweet tooth, or if you’re looking for a tasty savoury dish. Milk at Freshways is all sourced from cows farmed in the UK, and can be purchased in bulk.


Similarly to milk, yoghurt maintains the beneficial protein and calcium combination of dairy foods. Greek yoghurt as part of a breakfast can help you feel full for longer and ensure that you need to eat less throughout the day. Popular brands including Muller, Yeo Valley, Onken and Activia are all supplied locally.


A sensible source of protein due to the low fat content within, healthy omega 3 fatty acids are found within fish, while lobster, crab and shrimp are often extremely high in terms of their protein content. Seafood is a great addition to a post-workout meal, aiding the recovery of your body following exercise


Though you may not expect them to, nuts contain a hefty amount of protein, with a portion of around 50 pistachio nuts providing 6 grams of it, alongside sodium and potassium. Perfect with porridge or eaten as a snack, nuts can easily be worked into a diet.

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