When you are on your holiday, you want to feel the most relaxed that you can possibly be.

One of the ways that hotels can do this is by providing you with a luxurious breakfast as soon as you wake up.

A good quality breakfast reflects well on a hotel – it shows that they truly care about their guests and are willing to go above and beyond for their needs.

Ensuring that your hotel’s menu is rich with choice and variety is the key to a successful breakfast and a hotel of happy guests. However, coming up with good quality hotel standard breakfasts can be challenging. That is why we have produced a list of some breakfast ideas which could take your hotel to the next level.

1.  Poached Eggs with Avocado and Smoked Salmon

Bursting with protein and vitamins, poached eggs with avocado and smoked salmon is the perfect hotel breakfast for your guests. Not only does it offer several health benefits but it is undeniably delicious!

At Freshways, we pride ourselves on being the best wholesale egg supplier. With over 30 years experience providing eggs and other dairy products, we ensure that our eggs are always high quality and as fresh as they can be.

2.  Nutella Croissants

For all of your guests with a sweet-tooth, this is the ideal breakfast for them. Simple to make and delicious to taste, these heavenly, flaky, bite-sized pastries are a must-have breakfast at your hotel. Pair with fresh cream to create the ultimate sweet start to your guests’ day.

3.  Full English-Breakfast

No breakfast menu would be complete without the traditional full English breakfast. The heart of the full breakfast is bacon, eggs, and sausages. It is often accompanied by grilled tomato, mushrooms, fried onions, toast, and marmalade. Serve with a cup of tea to complete the classic British breakfast.

4.  Blueberry pancakes with honeycomb and bacon butter

Follow Jamie Oliver’s blueberry pancake recipe for a fluffy, sweet breakfast that your guests will love. Perfect for summer, this fruity breakfast is easy to make and will leave your guests impressed.

Add a dollop of Freshways delicious natural wholesale yoghurt to compliment your pancakes and bring a bit more sweetness to your breakfast.

5.  Vegan Granola

When running a hotel, it is important to cater to all of your guests. This crunchy and nutty vegan granola is ideal for all your vegan guests. Accompany with a splash of oat milk and top with flaked almonds, coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds for the ultimate nutritious breakfast.

If you are looking for the freshest milk and dairy products on the market to use for your hotel breakfast, at Freshways we have over 30 years of experience being the UK’s dependable dairy products supplier. Contact us today for additional information on our wholesale food.