Retail and wholesale distribution in the dairy industry is a continuously changing market. We have witnessed many developments over the past decade not just in packaging and presentation but also customer expectations.


Within this dynamic market place we consider our company perfectly positioned to respond to opportunities throughout the United Kingdom at all levels.

Our specific areas of interest include; wholesale and retail distribution, dairy product processing, bulk supply, own brand labelling, product development and brand packaging.


Freshways milk and dairy products are used extensively throughout the UK food industry. We have the capability to deliver daily wherever you are in the UK in the formatted presentation of your choice designed to suit your manufacturing. If it is double cream for your cheesecake or crème fraiche for your quiche - we have the answer!


Freshways, the UK’s largest independent processing dairy with distribution centres in London, Cardiff, Manchester and Leicester, offers a range of payment options to suit all sizes of businesses and their individual needs.

Pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly by direct debit.

To make payments by debit / credit card over the phone, simply call:


Wholesale / Retail

020 8740 3942


Doorstep Delivery

01234 742 402

Online Banking


Barclays Bank


Sort code: 20-37-63


Account: 20343072


Please quote your account number as the reference.

We accept payment by cheque.


Please make payable to Freshways and send by post to your regional distribution centre, click here for the address of your nearest centre.

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